ABM Success Stories

We have thousands of success stories and testimonials from parents of the special needs children who have benefited from the Anat Baniel Method (ABM). These children have worked with our ABM Practitioners from around the world.

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Read a sampling of our ABM Success Stories below.

Kids on the Autism Spectrum

ABM Success StoriesAt 15 months our son, Jack, was diagnosed with being on the Autism spectrum. He wasn’t making eye contact, he was not babbling, and did not seek our affection. He played for long period of times by himself and he did not respond to his name.

After his first few lessons with Anat and Marcy, he hugged me spontaneously for the first time and began seeking contact with others. His movements became much more fluid and he began vocalizing. Now eight months later Jack is talking, engages in play with others and seeks to be the center of attention. His ability to move has improved dramatically. Our pediatrician told us that Jack is no longer on the Autism spectrum.

~ Patty, Jack’s Mom

Thank you again for an unbelievable week and for all the ensuing consequences. Tommy is doing just great. His walking is much more grounded, with a narrower gait and arms much freer. But even more remarkable is his speech and expressions. He’s responding to people – even to strangers. He’s smiling and has many more facial expressions. It is so much fun to see what he will say next or do next. We are so looking forward to our next visit out there.

~ Hillary, Tommy’s Mom

After my son’s first week of sessions with Anat I knew that it was the way. Teo was paying so much attention for the first time in his life. He began making sounds that I never heard before. At home he became more curious and more aware of his surroundings and was able to figure out how to play with more of his toys. He was exploring the world around him. I fell in love with the method – so gentle, yet so powerful. Through this work I gained amazing tools to work with my son and at the same time rediscover what was very important not only for my son, but for myself and my family.

~ Karinna, Teo’s Mom

Kids with Cerebral Palsy

We were referred to Andrew by our pediatrician, because my son was late rolling over and had a tendency to hold his arms out in a ‘T.’ First, I was struck by Andrew’s ability to connect and communicate with my 6-month-old. Max immediately responded to Andrew. Secondly, I was shocked by how quickly we saw results. Within days of our session, Max was rolling over. Even more impressive, after two weeks of sessions, Max was crawling! We went from little hope that Max would crawl to him meeting the milestone before his brother and sister. We were born to move uninhibited. I saw firsthand how truly remarkable ABM for Children is, and how gifted Andrew is as a practitioner. I also saw great benefit in utilizing the therapy for even mild movement restrictions. Every single body could use the method. We are are forever grateful for the gift of movement Andrew gave Max.

~ Jessica, Max’s Mom

The Anat Baniel Method allows my daughter to continuously reach and redefine her potential: physically, cognitively, and emotionally. It is awe-inspiring to watch these transformations unfold, and to see the joy and inspiration on my child’s face as her body and her relationship with the world organize themselves in a whole new way. It is my hope that someday all special needs children and their parents will have access to this work and its benefits. The Anat Baniel Method has not only transformed my daughter, but our entire family.

~ Michele, Lillian’s Mom

Something great happened yesterday. My son walked out of the screened porch, down the stairs, over the brick path and across the bumpy lawn to help me plant tomatoes. This was no small feat. Twelve years ago doctors had told me that Phillip may never walk or talk.

~ Judith, Phillip’s Mom

I can definitely speak on behalf of a parent of child with CP who has immersed herself and her son in a variety of different private therapies. NDT, MEDEK, Conductive Ed, and a variety of OT, speech osteopathy, cranial sacral. I also took Thomas to China at age 4 for stem cell therapy. I would contribute with ‘homework’ many hours each day. When we met Anat, she perceived things in Thomas that others hadn’t – not just his physical composition but his intellectual and emotional side too. I look back and realize that Thomas and I were at odds with each other a lot. I was constantly putting demands on him which created a lot of resistance and stress….His speech and conversations are more articulate and thoughtful. He engages in more abstract ways of thinking, he is developing more memory. He can carefully make more complicated choices, and now takes his time to concentrate and process. He explores and plays with a variety of toys with much better and more refined use of his hands. His speech is clearer and he is a much happier boy.

~ Linda, Thomas’ Mom

Kids with Congenital Disorders

At birth Aaron came out in a curled position, his legs bent up to his chest and arms completely bent at the elbows, unable to straighten them, lie on his back, straighten his legs, or arms, or move his hands….for the first 5 months of Aaron’s life, he had physical therapy three times a week, which consisted of a lot of stretching. This only seemed to hurt Aaron. He would scream and cry and we would have to take breaks to calm him down….ABM has changed my life, and most importantly has changed Aaron’s life. Very quickly his body completely changed from a stiff curled position to a looser one able to move. In a few sessions he can lie flat on his back, move his hips, his legs and his arms. He turns his head all the time. Now he uses his hands normally, he is sitting up by himself and hops on his butt everywhere. He is so much happier and so am I. All of his doctors are in shock with his progress and can’t believe how much he has changed in so little time. It is truly amazing. It is a miracle, in my eyes. The best part is that he continues to improve every time we have more sessions.

~ Monica, Aaron’s Mom

We saw Maralee…and it was fantastic!!!! Colette’s contractures in her legs are significantly decreased – during the sessions Maralee was able to get them into neutral/weight-bearing position. She is no longer in frog position. Her abduction contractures have loosened as well. My daughter was able to lift her head, and look around, when in prone position – the first time EVER!! She even maintained a kneeling position and didn’t cry. She can cross midline much more easily. She twists and turns easily. She weight bears on her hands a lot more. She no longer seems to be having the same difficulty in doing certain movements. She is MUCH happier. She is higher energy. She is more chatty – sings in the car to her music cd constantly!! She didn’t cry during the sessions at all, unlike any doctor visits she ever has…..And Colette always cries during stretches, but not this. I will never stretch her again. Everyone seems to say that stretching is critical for kids with AMC to get rid of their contractures – putting them through all that pain – but now I see that it is not necessary at all. There is another way. I am so happy…

~ Michelle, Colette’s Mom

Kids with Genetic Disorders

My third child was born with a genetic disorder which caused him to have many developmental delays including delayed speech, delayed motor development, ADHD, sensory integration disorders, and a host of learning disabilities both verbal and non verbal. He was not diagnosed until age 4. He was in traditional therapy for 2 years with limited results. At the time we met Anat, he had no attention span, he spoke a few mono syllable words and did so in a robotic fashion. He walked hunched over as if he was a stroke victim. His back was extremely weak and he couldn’t lift his head when lying on his stomach. For over nine years I have been… bringing my son out to California to continue working with Anat. Over these years his progress has been steady, often bordering on the miraculous. His coordination is now like that of an average normal child his age. He never stops talking, and has a wonderful sense of humor. He is able to think and reason, read and write – he is doing unbelievably well. Anat’s greatest gift me is that she gave me back my son.

~ Cheryl Cooper, M.D., mother of child with a genetic disorder

The theory underlying Anat’s work is scientifically based, as well as it is a new paradigm. As a medical doctor I am trained to observe and make sense out of what I see. What Anat does makes complete sense. How she does it is inspiring and often ingenious.

~ Cheryl Cooper, M.D., O.D., Member of the Board Rosalind Franklin University of Health Services Chicago

Kids with Other Conditions

Our son, Robbie, with a rare chromosome abnormality, starting seeing Anat when he was 8 months old when the medical professionals were telling us not to expect much from him. After the first visit with Anat, a previously quiet and tight child, Robbie made babbling sounds in the car all the way home! Robbie is almost 12 years old now and is a happy and social child. We have no doubt that the lessons he received from Anat have given him the input he needed to better understand his body and self and the world around him. Thank you!!

~ Beth and Greg, Robbie’s Parents